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By Dr. Harriet Sakala, FAWEZA Alumni

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FAWE to foreground educating girls in post-conflict areas at ADEA Biennale

Friday, 25 April 2008

Of the 77 million children reported by UNESCO to be out of school around the world in 2006, 57 percent are girls and 39 million – more than half – live in Conflict-Affected Fragile States (CAFS).

The situation is critical. On one hand, children, including girls, are often forced to fight in armed militia groups and subjected to sexual exploitation and other human rights violations. On the other, years of instability and conflict have devastated the education system in many of these countries.

In its efforts to emphasise the challenge posed by conflict in girls’ education, FAWE will host a session on “Expanding Learning Opportunities for Girls in Post-Conflict Situations in SSA through Vocational Training” at the 2008 ADEA Biennale on Education in Maputo, Mozambique. FAWE’s Executive Director, Dr. Codou Diaw, will present the preliminary findings of FAWE’s “Study on Economic Empowerment of Girls in Post-Conflict Situations through Vocational Training: the case of Burundi, Liberia and Sierra Leone”.

The study is part of FAWE’s strategic action to empower girls that have been affected by conflict in their countries. The intervention, currently targeting Burundi, Liberia and Sierra Leone, will focus on providing girls with specific skills through vocational training and, where necessary, re-integrating some of them into the formal education system. A total of 3,000 girls are targeted to benefit from integration into vocational training programmes and a further 3,000 from integration into the formal education system.

FAWE National Chapters from Burundi, Liberia and Sierra Leone will discuss the specific challenges faced by girls in post-primary education in these post-conflict countries. The Democratic Republic of Congo, Somalia and Sudan, three conflict-affected states in which FAWE has recently established National Chapters, will also share their perspectives on country-specific challenges to girls’ post-primary education.

The session will be held at the Centro Internacional de Conferências Joaquim Chissano on Sunday 4 May 2008 from 9.00 am to 1.00 pm. The provisional agenda also includes a presentation by girls from FAWE Mozambique, welcome and closing addresses by FAWE Chairperson, Hon. Simone de Comarmond, a plenary discussion and a FAWE exhibition.

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