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A world of possibilities A world of possibilities
By Dr. Harriet Sakala, FAWEZA Alumni

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New York churches help girls through secondary school in Ethiopia and Malawi

Monday, 12 November 2012

21 Oct 10 Ethiopia-Ambo Secondary-4799FAWE has received funds from two churches based in New York, USA, to assist underprivileged girls complete secondary school in Ethiopia and Malawi.

Poverty is one of the major factors preventing girls from receiving a secondary education in Africa. It prevents them from starting secondary school, completing their education or performing well in school.

Poor families often cannot afford the cost of school fees, uniforms, textbooks, and stationery. When schools are far from home, the cost of boarding facilities or transport to and from school can be beyond families’ means.

It can also be costly to ensure the personal hygiene of young girls, especially during menstruation.

Often, when families cannot afford to educate all their children and must make a choice, preference goes to boys.

In addition, adolescent girls are often required to take care of the home, watch over younger siblings, care for ailing parents, or earn a living for the family instead of attending school. The opportunity cost of sending girls to secondary school can therefore be higher than poor families can afford.

FAWE has received a benevolence grant of $3,800 from Marble Collegiate Church that will pay for two girls in Ethiopia to attend secondary school for three years each.

Another benevolence grant of $3,200 was awarded by Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church to allow two girls in Malawi to go secondary school for four years each.

These grants will cover school-related expenses and enable these underprivileged girls to complete their secondary education and have a better chance at improving their lives and those of their families in the future.

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