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A world of possibilities A world of possibilities
By Dr. Harriet Sakala, FAWEZA Alumni

From the Executive

FAWE reviews successes of 2008 and charts it course for 2009

Monday, 8 December 2008

At a retreat held for its Regional Secretariat staff from 1 to 5 December 2008, FAWE reviewed progress made in the past year in the implementation of its Strategic Plan and issued its mission statement for 2009.

One of the highlights of 2008 was the award of the 2008 Henry R. Kravis Prize in Leadership that recognised FAWE’s boldness, innovation, creativity, consistency, persistence and effectiveness in obtaining access to education for over 12 million girls and women across sub-Saharan Africa. Full story…

Another important moment was the endorsement of the 2008-2012 Strategic Plan by FAWE’s partners at the Donors’ Consortium Meeting (DCM) held in February. The Strategic Plan lays out the six objectives through which the organisation aims to achieve the replication and mainstreaming of its successful models for girls’ education in education systems across Sub-Saharan Africa.

The DCM also brought new funding commitments from existing FAWE partners and the adherence of new partners. In addition, the registration of Friends of FAWE in the USA was initiated and is currently in the final stages of finalisation.

FAWE embarked on new initiatives for the future with a number of private sector donors including Goldman Sachs, the Clinton Global Initiative, the Bloomberg Foundation, Global Give Back Circle, NORAD, the Rockefeller Foundation and CIDA. The organisation also signed or laid the groundwork for new memoranda of understanding with partners such as the African Union, Plan International and Action Aid.

In a bid to serve the West Africa region better, FAWE’s Executive Committee approved a plan for the West Africa Sub-Regional Office (WASRO). Establishment of FAWE-WASRO is currently underway.

FAWE also held a successful General Assembly (GA) in July that brought together close to 20 African women ministers and deputy ministers of education, among the approximately 100 high profile participants. The GA focused on how FAWE will scale up its successful models for girls’ education to enhance education and life chances for African girls and women. Full story…

A new Executive Committee was elected for a three-year term at the GA. Full story…

The General Assembly coincided with FAWE’s 15-year anniversary and the occasion was marked by events including a celebration dinner, an advocacy walk through Nairobi and a video screening.

The organisation will take a results-oriented approach to programme activities for 2009, focusing on building capacity, enhancing effectiveness and efficiency, and improving transparency and accountability. FAWE also plans to strengthen its image and reputation through targeted communication that satisfies the information needs of stakeholders and is supported by concrete data from its new monitoring and evaluation system.

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