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Today, 5th October, World Teachers’ Day, as the global community comes together to support the new 2030 UN Agenda for Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), FAWE and its network, would like to highlight the crucial role teachers play in achieving…


A world of possibilities A world of possibilities
By Dr. Harriet Sakala, FAWEZA Alumni

From the Executive

FAWE prepares for Executive Committee and Donors’ Consortium meetings

Monday, 5 January 2009

FAWE will hold its 38th Executive Committee meeting in Nairobi, Kenya, from 23 to 24 February 2009 and its 7th Donors’ Consortium Meeting (DCM), also in Nairobi, from 26 to 27 February.

FAWE’s 11-member Executive Committee (EC) is one of the organisation’s two governing bodies and meets at least twice a year. Its functions are to:

  • provide overall policy guidance to FAWE; approve the annual programme of work and the annual budgets;
  • facilitate FAWE's programming in the countries from which members are drawn;
  • admit new members into FAWE and submit these to the General Assembly for confirmation and ratification;
  • approve the creation of regional and national offices or other FAWE representation, including the recognition of National Chapters;
  • authorize or approve the expenditure which FAWE members incur in carrying out their duties;
  • appoint the Executive Director and approve the appointment of other senior officers of the Secretariat on the recommendation of the Executive Director;
  • manage, through the offices of the Secretariat, any of FAWE's properties vested in the Executive Committee; explicitly handle the finances of FAWE;
  • receive the annual audited accounts and appoint the auditors for the following year; and
  • represent and speak on behalf of FAWE at international meetings.

The coming February meeting will be the first meeting of the new EC elected in July 2008 at FAWE’s 7th General Assembly. Full story…

The DCM is an annual meeting of FAWE’s donors from bilateral and multilateral agencies. The meeting provides an opportunity for the organisation’s current and potential donors to review its programme implementation from the previous year as well as its strategic and programmatic direction for the current year.

More information and documents related to these meetings will be available in due course.

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