Beatrice Anyango Ochieng, 23 years - Kenya Beatrice Anyango Ochieng, 23 years - Kenya
“I was just 8 years old when my parents died. My relatives took care of me but unfortunately, I got pregnant in class 8 and dropped out of school before the final examination. I got married but by the grace of God through FAWE, I joined form one at Kitmikai Day Secondary School in Kisumu. FAWE supported me through secondary school and I attained a grade B- in form four K.C.S.E exams. FAWE made me confident.



FAWE Zanzibar contact details

Coordinator: Asma Ismail

Chair: Mrs. Rabia Hamdan

Address:FAWE Zanzibar Chapter
             Voga Street
             Chuo cha Uandishiwa Habari
             P.O. Box 3330
Tel:(255) 242 223-5226/777205944;255 777 422 870
E-mail:fawezan@zanlink.com; asmabim@hotmail.com;rmahamdani@yahoo.com


Population: 641,000 people
Area: 2,382 sq. km

5 regions, 10 districts
GNP average annual growth rate: 4.5% per annum


  • Government encourages partnerships with religious authorities and external partners. This policy increased enrolments in ECC from 2.8% in 1998 to 86.2% in 1998
  • No compulsory payment of school fees but communities are encouraged to contribute
  • Girls are given incentives in order to increase enrollments
  • Government runs sensitization programmes for communities to address needs of girls and special children
  • There is an active policy to promote participation of girls in science and technology
  • Provision of education to neo-literates (re-entry) through radio and group programmes
  • Provision of guidance and counseling services in schools
  • Developing an accreditation system for ‘Madrasah’ and ‘Quran’ schools in order to provide quality education.

  • Shortage of classrooms and other teaching facilities
  • Lack of laboratories and other science facilities
  • Few female teachers
  • Predominant use of Kiswahili language affecting development of the English language
  • Poverty limiting access to education
  • High dropout rates
  • Poor curriculum that does not reflect learners’ needs
  • By 1996, there was not a single institution of higher learning that offered degrees and post-graduate diplomas
  • Poor performance in SMT


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