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International Women's Day 2014 - Equality for Women is progress for all International Women's Day 2014 - Equality for Women is progress for all
Message from Madam Hon Aicha Bah Diallo, Chairperson of the African Women Educationalists (FAWE) on the occasion of the celebration of International Women's Day 2014.…


Precious J. Deshield,  24 years, Liberia Precious J. Deshield, 24 years, Liberia
FAWE has helped me see for myself what I am capable of and that I can succeed. I study civil engineering at Stella Maris Polytechnic in Liberia.

The Gambia

FAWE Gambia contact details

Coordinator: Mrs. Yadicon Njie-Eribo
Chair: Mrs. Emily Foon-Sarr
Address:FAWE Gambia Chapter (FAWEGAM)
             Teachers Union Complex,
             Kanifing South
             BANJUL, The Gambia
Tel/fax. (220)-4397646 / 220 4397266 / 9929811

Population (millions)                 1.7
Population Growth Rate (%)             2.7
HIV Prevalence Rate, ages 15-49 (%)    2.0
Human Development Index (HDI) Rank: 151/169

Education status:

Primary Net Enrollment Rate (%)
       M/F    69       
       M    67       
       F    71
Primary Completion Rate (%)
       M/F    …       
       M    …       
       F    …
Secondary Net Enrollment Rate (%)
       M/F    84       
       M    84       
       F     84
Vocational and Technical (% of secondary enrolment) (%)
       M/F    …       
       M    …       
       F    …
Tertiary Gross Enrollment Ratio (%)
       M/F    6.4       
       M    7.0   
       F    5.8
Adult Literacy Rate (%)
       M/F    45   
       M    57   
       F    34
Financing of education
Public Education Spending (% of Government Spending)     …

Source: World Bank Education Statistics. Last updated April 2008

FAWE Action on the ground

Policy Advocacy
• Active member of the EFA National movement
• Trained in gender analysis and mainstreaming
• Member of Gender Expert Network that advices government on gender policy issues
• Participated in launch of National Policy for advancement of Gambian Women

Community Advocacy
• Capacity building programmes for NGOs.
• FAWE award for Media Excellence by female journalists
• Produces a Chapter newsletter, Voice of FAWEGAM

Combating Poverty
• A well-established bursary scheme which supported needy schools
Improving girls' academic performance
•Creating Girls' clubs in schools
• Mentoring by engaging professional women mentors in schools
• Take Our Daughters to Work Programme
• Mothers' clubs - Counseling girls, provision of mosquito repellent nets, school
  grounds maintenance
• Launched Scholarship Directory and Career Resource Manual
• Voice of FAWEGAM, a newsletter that carries girls' voices
• Centre of Excellence at Sambang Upper Basic School, The Gambia
• Launched manual on Gambian Women in SMT " Run science clinics
• Established science clubs in schools


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