Beatrice Anyango Ochieng, 23 years - Kenya Beatrice Anyango Ochieng, 23 years - Kenya
“I was just 8 years old when my parents died. My relatives took care of me but unfortunately, I got pregnant in class 8 and dropped out of school before the final examination. I got married but by the grace of God through FAWE, I joined form one at Kitmikai Day Secondary School in Kisumu. FAWE supported me through secondary school and I attained a grade B- in form four K.C.S.E exams. FAWE made me confident.




FAWE Ghana contact details

Coordinator: Ms. Juliana Osei

Chair: Ms.  Esi Sutherland-Addy

Address:FAWE Ghana Chapter
             Near FAWE FM 105.9, Fotobi (Nsawam- Aburi Road), Eastern Region Accra,
             P.O. Box CN 1217, Cantoments,
             ACCRA, Ghana
Tel. (233)-21-81-91460 mobile: (233) 24 249523975 Juliana

Population (millions)                 23.3
Population Growth Rate (%)             2.1
HIV Prevalence Rate, ages 15-49 (%)    1.8
Human Development Index (HDI) Rank: 130/169

Education status:
Adult Literacy Rate 

Primary Net Enrollment Rate (%)
       M/F     77       
       M    76       
       F    77   
Primary Completion Rate (%)
       M/F   ...      
       M    …       
       F    …
Secondary Net Enrollment Rate (%)
       M/F    98       
       M    97       
       F    98
Vocational and Technical (% of secondary enrolment) (%)
       M/F    67       
       M    …       
       F    46
Tertiary Gross Enrollment Ratio (%)
       M/F    7.9       
       M    8.1   
       F    7.8
Adult Literacy Rate (%)   
       M/F    66   
       M    72   
       F    59
Financing of education
Public Education Spending (% of Government Spending) …

Source: World Bank Education Statistics. Last updated April 2008

FAWE's Action on the ground

Policy Advocacy
• Production of songs and dance as advocacy tools
• Audiovisual mobile van for gender awareness in rural areas
• Television/radio talks on girls' education
• Community libraries

• Survey of schoolgirls knowledge of HIV/AIDS
• Disseminate study results on girls' sexual maturation


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