Sierra Leone


FAWE Sierra Leone contact details
Coordinator: Mrs. Eileen Hanciles
Chair: Mrs Elfrida Scott

Address:FAWE Sierra Leone
             4 Hill Street
             P.M.B. 273
             FREETOWN, Sierra Leone
Tel:(232) 22 /225844/030 217-043

Population (millions)                 5.7
Population Growth Rate (%)             2.7
HIV Prevalence Rate, ages 15-49 (%)     1.6   
Human Development Index (HDI) Rank: 158

Education status:
Primary Net Enrollment Rate (%)
       M/F    …       
       M    …       
       F    …
Primary Completion Rate (%)
       M/F    …       
       M    …   
       F    …
Secondary Net Enrollment Rate (%)
       M/F    …       
       M    …       
       F     …
Vocational and Technical (% of secondary enrolment) (%)
       M/F    12       
       M    …       
       F    60
Tertiary Gross Enrollment Ratio (%)
       M/F    5.6       
       M    6.6   
       F    4.6
Adult Literacy Rate (%)
       M/F        40   
       M        52   
       F        29
Financing of education
Public Education Spending (% of Government Spending) 14.9

Source: World Bank Education Statistics. Last updated April 2008

FAWE's Action on the ground

Policy Advocacy

Co-chaired sub-committee on gender disparities in education

Community Advocacy
• Weekly radio programmes on girls' education "Let's say it straight"
• Launched 5 branches of the FAWE chapter

• Management of seven (7) non-formal schools for war-affected children
• Runs the FAWE primary school
• Supported 552 beneficiaries in primary, secondary and vocational schools
• Through Rapid Education Programme supports 2.733 students, majority are girls

• Workshops for peace monitors, trainers, activists and Curriculum
• Rehabilitation programmes for war-traumatized girls
• Skills training centre for pregnant girls and war affected females
• Management of a pre-school for boys and girls
• Management of a Women's Rapid Education Centre
• Management of a school-feeding programme for girls
• Emergency schools and trauma centres for displaced and refugee children
• Establishment of a guidance and counselling programme


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