International Women's Day 2014 - Equality for Women is progress for all

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Aicha Bah Diallo

Message from Madam Hon Aicha Bah Diallo, Chairperson of the African Women Educationalists (FAWE) on the occasion of the celebration of International Women's Day 2014.

Date 03/07/2014

FAWE has played an extremely important role in the field of Education. Today when we say FAWE, we immediately see the commitment of girl’s educators, teachers Training sensitive on young issues, research to identify causes that prevent girls from going to school, the prohibition of violence and sexual harassment in schools, the return of young mothers in school. We must therefore say that we have done a good job and FAWE is recognized nationally and internationally.

But since there is still much to do, so we cannot sit and rest on our laurels, we must continue the work. To increase gender equity and more specifically in the field of education, FAWE must continue to work with Ministries, Government, We want governments to not only focus on education, but make sure that the youth are a priority, and have access to education. It is important to know that government alone cannot achieve "Education for all" but is a collective responsibility. FAWE has always sought partnership with boys and men in her quest for gender equality and will continue to do. Once people appreciate, they too can join us for the promotion of education for all, especially the girls.

Given the slow and uneven progress that has been made, efforts continue to be made for the achievement of the Education for All (EFA) and Millennium Development Goals by 2015. FAWE would like to caution the various African governments that unless we accelerate our actions, many countries will fail to meet the EFA and MDGs by 2015. This is why for the post-2015 development agenda, Education should remain a priority  and must focus on equity and quality learning for all including the need for a learning continuum from early childhood to adolescence.

Aware of the reluctance of girls and women to pursue studies in science and technology, as an expert in biochemistry I would like to encourage girls to study mathematics, sciences and technology subjects as these subjects are a pillar to economic growth of any country. As for the politics, women do not often like engaging in politics, simply because of the violence around it. Women love peace and that we must fight those are related violence in any electoral system. The day we will have electoral systems without violence in, or the day there will be transparency, women will engage in political life, and they will succeed, because a woman when she takes a commitment she comes to the end.

The women must play a vital role in the advancement of PEACE in our continent. You’ve seen how our countries suffer from this lack of peace; social cohesion is what we need today. Therefore the role of women is to get people to learn to live together; there must be a social cohesion in our countries. There must be a peace, sustainable development, and that is the role women can play, as crucial role. PEACE, SOCIAL COHESION FOR SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT.

In this month of celebration of International Women's Day My message for the women is this: '' Let us be united together, work together, let us know that men are our partners, and together we can achieve development sustainable for Africa, but in peace, in social cohesion ‘‘. PEACE, SOCIAL COHESION PARTNERSHIP BETWEEN MEN AND WOMEN


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