Reflecting on gender and education research in Africa

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FAWE Equal Education Dec 2011 - cover page

For the past 19 years, FAWE’s policy advocacy and programme work have been informed by data on education trends in Africa. At FAWE, we recognise that reliable, topical data on gender in African education can only be generated through continuous research.

We recognise, too, the importance of having evidenced-based interventions so our work can achieve maximum impact. This is the rationale behind FAWE’s current research initiative, established in 2009. Since the initiative was launched, FAWE and its research partners have worked towards generating specific knowledge that can inform educational policy and practice. Our premise is that if gender research in Africa is to be strengthened, African women have to be involved in the research process.

This December 2011 issue of Equal Education seeks to stimulate reflection on a number of issues in gender and education research. We hope it will contribute to dialogue on harnessing research to improve the quality of education for all in Africa.

Persistent gaps in research on gender and education in Africa

Strengthening girls’ and women’s education in Africa – a FAWE research initiative

Identifying gender inequities in higher education in Africa

Tracking gender equality in education in Africa – FAWE develops data collection instruments

The status of research on gender in education in Madagascar

Interview – Anda Adams, Center for Universal Education, The Brookings Institution: "Refocus the global education agenda"


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