Ruth Nankuba, 18 years, Uganda

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Ruth Nankuba, 18 yrs, UgandaMy father died in 2006. I want to work hard in school in order to get a good job that is also well paid so that I can help my mother to take care of my siblings. It is not easy for her, since her salary is so low. She is always stressed.

When FAWE sent me the letter approving my scholarship, I had no hope and was very confused; my mother did not know what to do.

I am so very grateful to FAWE which has given me light amidst great darkness. By giving me an education FAWE has also given me life.

I really want to attend university and do social and community development work. I believe I can relate well to people from a similar background to myself because I love people.

I also want to help older people, especially women, who sometimes work very hard for almost nothing in return.

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